Our desire to have more designers as clients became a reality between 2010 and 2012. Based in Mullingar, Ireland, designer and now horticulure tutor at Westmeath Community Development, John Smyth got us to supply topiary and other plants to renovate areas of Belvedere House Gardens & Park Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. This project, which involved filling in gaps in historic gardens, is typical of how challenging and painstaking a designer’s task can be. John was delighted with the end result and we suggest people go visit the park to see how well it turned out.

Chris Lowe, the owner of The Manchester Deck Company was the first customer to introduce us to an award winning designer in the UK who wanted to source from us, the Irish designer David Keegan, who is based in Manchester. He had already won the UK Northern Design Awards for 2010 and 2011, and became International Landscape Design Award Winner 2012, APLD USA. David Keegan and Manchester Deck companies.

The oppurtunity arose in 2012 to supply the famous UK landscape designer Andy Sturgeon, an award winner at Chelsea who lectures globally on landscape design. We were especially honoured as Andy┬┤s team had trust in us virtually and carried out the order thanks to email only. We don’t know what the finished garden looked like, but knowing that our plants went through the skilful hands of Andy Sturgeon’s team marked a positive sense of direction for us.